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18 December 1985
I love Spike. He's my favorite character! I remember flipping through the channels and seeing him on Buffy. I've seen a few btvs and angel episodes here and there but I never really got into the shows until I stumbled onto fanfic one day when I was bored. At first, I loved Spuffy. Then one day, after my friend told me about the existence of slash fanfic, I decided to go read about Spike and Angel. Being a Spuffy girl then, I hated Angel so I was curious about how anyone could write Spike and Angel together. But once I started, I could not imagine any other pairing. I'm officially hooked on Spangel though I will read other pairings. Strangely enough, I can't really read Spuffy anymore...

Gift for entry in July 2007 prompt 'Smile' Gift for entry in July 2007 prompt 'Smile'